12 recipes to make dinner in 5 minutes


Summer, warmth, dinner time, you begin to feel hungry but the last thing you want is to light the fire and prepare something too elaborate, much less put you to pick up your kitchen after, I do not know you, But to me it is almost what laziness gives me.

So to finish this week an excellent source of temperatures in relax plan we propose 10 ideas so as to prepare dinner in 5 minutes without complicarte anything life.

Very simple and tasty things, casse-cro?te, salads, toasts, p? t? s or fresh soups with which you will dine without fussing in the kitchen.

Keep reading and choose the one you are going to make today for supper.

10 recipes to make dinner in five minutes


Loaf of bread toast or crackers with something to sprinkle is always an option the sea of relief in these cases and, now, we propose the home made version of the rondalla bocadelia.

Tuna home-made stew, step-by-step recipe

Easy Dinner Recipes

Another simple picoteo are ham and cheese empanadillas that contain a trick, because we are not going to cook or fry or in the oven, but we make them in a waffle or sandwich maker, so they are much lighter and are simply perfect for dinner.

Gentle ham and cheese dumplings in gofrera


Enjoy the bread left over from the weekend and give yourself a whim to dine with these done guacamole and brie cheese, they may be a delight.

Guacamole and brie toast, formula detail by detail


The perfect cure to combat the warmth and go to mattress cool without complicating the life minus messing upward half a kitchen is easy recipe of salmorejo of cherry tomatoes.

Salmorejo with cherry tomatoes, detail by detail recipe


The king of the fast dinners, a good sandwich that always leaves us satisfied. On this occasion a fresh rondalla and blue cheese.

Rondalla and Blue Cheese Hoagie, Step by Step Menu


Did you have any breakfast croissants? Do not wait for these to get tough and make the most to prepare these scrumptious croissants filled with belly.

Croissants full of belly, recipe step by step


My recent favorite sandwich for the blend of flavors and textures so special, the softness of the avocado, the smoky touch of the salmon and the crunchy apple will not leave you indifferent.

Salmon and apple sandwich, step by step formula


If you have not yet tried out to get this to zucchini carpaccio you are delaying, surely you never thought that all natural zucchini could be so rich.

Zucchini carpaccio, light recipe step by step


If you have gazpacho because you do not like tomato, this is the menu that will conquer you this summer, because this lettuce gazpacho cannot be more stimulating or simpler to do.

Member of the lettuce family gazpacho, recipe step by step


And to end with this selection a salad with its own name, the Waldorf greens, which is traditionally made with apple but which, this time, we have created using pears and is a real treat.

Waldorf pear salad, recipe step by step

And these are the suggestions we gave will, now inform us, what is your preferred quick dinner?


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